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“Malaparte is an epidermal, transcendent and euphoric track that transports us into our deepest, most intense emotions. The beat of the music based on a biological rhythm echoing the heartbeat brings, as the piece progresses, a feeling of the deepest part of our body. From the heart acceleration to the blood pressure increasing, the memories scrolling to return to sudden return to the biological reality. The feeling of vertigo at the edge of a cliff, the hairs that bristle, the orgasm, the ecstasy, are all primary sensations, caused by unconscious, sometimes unreasonable, adrenaline rises. In order to follow the three musical rises of the piece, we imagined three levels of visions, both cause and consequence of these hormonal secretions, in order to create a visual journey from intravenous to grandiose. The idea, supported by a rhythmic and aerial staging, is to offer the spectator a lyrical and symphonic tribute to life, quite simply.”

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