“It’s an immediate and righteously pissed-off middle finger to toxic masculinity, patriarchal society, and yep, you guessed it, men.” – Stereogum

“a glorious punk anthem” -LOUD WOMEN

“a punky track with fuzzy guitars and a riotous vibe that is a reaction to the patriarchy and how women are treated differently to men. Pounding drums, choppy rhythms and shouty vocals, there is a mix of 90’s 00’s and modern day in a track that shows the Catalan trio are at the top of their game right now.” -Indie Midlands

“This album gave us what we needed: self-worth, the desire to go forward, to love ourselves, with everything, with the good and bad. This album empowers us.” – MOURN

“bold and blistering indie-rock stomper” -Mystic Son

“These lyrics come from a sincere and confident mindset where we want to establish our validity and identity and not let it be broken. We talk about feelings we see in men because we feel they‘re taken into account more, and are imposed onto us.” -MOURN

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