Yumi Zouma have announced their new album Present Tense, out on 18th March, 2022 via Polyvinyl Records.

There’s a defiance heard throughout Present Tense, a refusal to bend to what might seem fated, communicated not only through lyrics but in the boldness of these arrangements, metamorphosing between tracks without ever losing momentum. Two years away from the road gave Yumi Zouma a new appreciation for the friendship they’ve sustained and the opportunity an abundance of time off-cycle offered. Dedicated to an embattled past, Present Tense is the band’s offering to a tenuous future.“To 2020, and the memory of all that was lost,” they write in the album’s liner notes. “Kia Kaha.”

Present Tense


  1. Give It Hell 
  2. Mona Lisa
  3. If I HadTheHeart For Chasing 
  4. WhereTheLight Used To Lay 
  5. Razorblade
  6. InTheEyes Of Our Love 
  7. Of Me and You
  8. Honestly, It’s Fine
  9. Haunt
  10. Astral Projection
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