What do you enjoy the most about The Great Escape?

The atmosphere around Brighton. Plus getting to see loads of new music!

Is this the first time you’re playing? If so, what are you most excited about?

I played a while back with my old band but this is the first time playing solo. I’m most excited about getting to play on a bill with so many great acts!!

If not, any memories or highlights that stick out from previous years?

I saw the Japanese House a few years back, that was incredible

Which bands are you keen on seeing this year?

Anna Calvi, Blackwave, Flor, Glowie, Kawala and Sydney


If you had one piece of advice for new artists/bands just starting out,   what would that be?

Get something together that you are really proud of, surround yourself with good people and enjoy yourself!

Tell us one fact about yourself (or your band) that people might not know?

The name Jolé came from a nickname at school (not many people know that..)