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“You remember Daphne & Celeste. They crashed the UK Top 20 with two classics of tartrazine-addled trash-pop, 1999’s Ooh Stick You and U.G.L.Y in 2000, registered another hit with a cover of Alice Cooper’s School’s Out, and then more or less vanished, save for an appearance at the Reading festival that was, depending on your perspective, either iconic or calamitous, as the pair were pelted with bottles of urine by fans of “proper” bands such as A and Blink-182. Someone even threw a wheelchair at them.”

“The hiatus between their debut album and newie Daphne & Celeste Save the World is more than three times the length of the wait for the Stone Roses’ Second Coming (“Is that a world record?” Celeste asks. “We really ought to have someone find out”) as the pair returned to acting on, and writing for, TV and stage. Eagle-eyed viewers will have been able to spot Celeste in an episode of 30 Rock, for example, playing the love interest in a telenovela that stars a South American Jack Donaghy doppelganger.”

“The reaction is a bit of a mystery,” says Celeste, “but it’s why we wanted to do it. We knew we kept some fans, so we figured if we could just give everyone a break for the night, it would be good. But it’s fair to say it worked out better than we thought it would, or even dreamed it would. Give us an hour and we’ll make it weird, I guess. And balloon animals make people happy.”

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