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Formed in a mosh-pit, Brighton-based duo SNAYX have a history of being in different bands of various genres and going to many a live show, and all that experience has culminated in their debut EP Weaponized Youth: Part 1. The record takes inspiration from a range of alt-rock greats like THE PRODIGY and QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE, as well as from different genres that in the band’s own words creates something “fresh, new and exciting.” And that is certainly an understatement.


This EP is incredible from start to finish and leaves you in awe. As the band kick off with Work we are immediately greeted with loud, grungy guitar riffs. This is followed up shouty, distorted vocals, as if they’re shouting through a megaphone, which fits in perfectly with the lyrics relating to anger at capitalism. It’s a classic punk trope that can sometimes fall into the realm of corny, but in this instance it makes you feel as intended which is pumped up, angry, and ready to overthrow the government – a fantastic track and it’s only the first song.

Body Language takes on a moodier vibe with a bassline that starts off laid back, and there’s something about the vocals that makes you think of GORILLAZ or RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS. A sudden intake of air signifies a change where things get louder and faster to the point where we want to get up and dance chaotically. The band then go back and forth with this rhythm in a way that keeps you on your toes. – Distorted Sound Mag


Watch the Official Music Video for ‘Derranged’ below: