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It’s no surprise to say we are now living in the age of digital music streaming where playlists have emerged to become an important tool to drive high engagement for an artist. Some people may not know that there are there are different platforms that let you stream your music, the main ones are heard of, such as Spotify, but there are others that people can use if they don’t want to sign up. Everyone knows that music sounds better on a modern and sleek Home Music System. This is why Home Music System Installers have become increasingly popular in recent years.

The number of people using and streaming music on Spotify is growing rapidly. In fact, around 750,000 songs are streamed on spotify each minute which shows just how popular it is! With so many playlists continuously being created, the challenge for standing out gets harder, here are five tips to guide you:

  1. NAME – The name should ideally have a genre name in there, this can help to make it show in the listings when people are searching for playlists.
  2. QUANTITY – Spotify’s algorithm prefers playlists with more than 20 songs, but less than 60, so remove older tracks if the playlist goes longer than 60 tracks.
  3. SHARE – Embed the playlist on all your other social platforms – the algorithm favours playlists that are embedded.
  4. ONE SONG PER ARTIST – Spotify’s algorithm downgrades a playlist which tends to have too many songs from the same artist.
  5. STRIKING ARTWORK – The image should be square with the maximum size being 4MB. The file needs to be a JPEG and minimum dimensions of the image are 300×300 pixels. It’s better to go over this to make sure the image does not lose quality on high-res displays. To know more about getting a striking artwork there are some really good directions here.

We hope you find these five tips useful to kickstart your playlist selection, with careful planning and great songs you’ll be able to gain and establish your presence on Spotify!

Team ROM