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A charity compilation album of live tracks by Brighton based bands recorded live in Brighton venues. All profits go to Music Venue Trust to support venues in Brighton & Hove.

It features ten Brighton-based bands, recorded playing live in a Brighton venue during 2023. Alongside legends like The Wedding Present and Immersion (Colin Newman and Malka Spigel), it also features exciting performances by rising stars such as Hutch, ĠENN and Welly.  



“This compilation album is both a celebration and a snapshot of a period of time that feels special – the Brighton live music scene in 2023. It’s been a real joy to watch such a diverse range of bands growing and thriving around the city – many of them close friends with each other or even playing in each other’s bands. So we wanted to capture what we’ve been seeing this year.”  – Tony Bartholomew (Goo Records)