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Our ROM Record of the Week is Tiga & Hudson Mohawke – L’Ecstasy released via Turbo Sound!!

Grab your own vinyl here.


A1 Exit Warehouse At Dawn 

A2 Tr Smooth 

A3 Night Is Not 

A4 Vsod (Velvet Sky Of Dreams) 

B1 Feel The Rush Feat. Channel Tres 

B2 Buybuysell 

B3 Love Minus Zero 

B4 Natural Spirit 

C1 Silence Of Love Feat. Jesse Boykins Iii 

C2 Theme From Borneo Function 

C3 Duro 

C4 Polyvoxx 

D1 Ascending Into The Clouds Feat. Elisabeth Troy 

D2 Lmznin 

D3 Winter Crush 

D4 In Order 2 

Stream here.