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 Equipped with the songwriting chops of a lost era (somewhere between The Brill Building and 10452 Bellagio Road) the new record was carefully arranged and produced entirely analog in the brothers’ Brooklyn recording studio. Most of the tracks were constructed with the two brothers swapping instruments and layering all the parts themselves, but one exception to that rule was “In The Eyes Of The Girl,” which was co-produced by Sean Ono Lennon in his upstate New York studio. 

While the album is chock full of progressive pop ideas, it closes appropriately with an ode to early rock and roll on “Rock On (Over and Over),” contextualizing the band as part of a lineage of rock and roll that’s never really stopped. For The Lemon Twigs, it took almost a decade for critics and audiences alike to present them with the major accolades they’ve earned this past year. While their initial records were appreciated for the musical proficiency they displayed, the brothers’ past few records have communicated their ideas with more clarity and emotional resonance. In other words, “It took too long to say ‘rock on.’”

“In love with the past but making the present so bright, the Lemon Twigs are, in the end, timeless.” – The Guardian 

Listen here.


  1. My Golden Years  
  2. They Don’t Know How To Fall In Place 
  3. Church Bells
  4. A Dream Is All I Know
  5. Sweet Vibration
  6. In The Eyes Of The Girl 
  7. If You And I Are Not Wise
  8. How Can I Love Her More
  9. Ember Days
  10. Peppermint Roses
  11. I Should’ve Known Right From The Start
  12. Rock On (Over And Over)