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Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark (OMD) return with their 14th studio album Bauhaus Staircase, over six years after the triumph of their Top 4-charting record The Punishment of Luxury. The album was born from the impetus to kickstart new explorations during lockdown when as Andy McCluskey admits: “I rediscovered the creative power of total boredom.” 

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1. Bauhaus Staircase

2. Anthropocene

3. Look At You Now

4. E.M.

5. Where We Started

6. Veruschka

7. Slow Train

8. Don’t Go

9. Kleptocracy

10. Aphrodite’s Favourite Child

11. Evolution Of Species

12. Healing

“I’m very happy with what we’ve done on this record” McCluskey summarises. “I’m comfortable if this is OMD’s last statement.”