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Our Record of the Week is Milky Chance – Sadnecessary released via Stoned In Paradise!!

Milky Chance achieved remarkable success with their debut album, Sadnecessary,” which catapulted them to international acclaim. Released in 2013, the album’s standout hit, “Stolen Dance,” became a global phenomenon, showcasing their unique blend of folk, electronic, and reggae influences. The album was a critical and commercial hit, reaching platinum status in multiple countries and solidifying Milky Chance’s status as a breakthrough act. 10 years later, the album’s ability to seamlessly fuse catchy melodies, poetic lyrics, and innovative production techniques feels as fresh as ever and makes it clear why the group has remained a chart staple ever since. 

Listen here.


Side A 

A1. Stunner 

A2. Flashed Junk Mind 

A3. Becoming 

A4. Running 

A5. Indigo 

A6. Sadnecessary 

Side B 

B1. Down by the River 

B2. Sweet Sun 

B3. Fairytale 

B4. Stolen Dance 

B5. Love Land (Studio Version)