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Side 1 

  1. Black Latex
  2. Telling Me Lies
  3. Liquid Dreams
  4. Love Is A Crime

Side 2 

  1. Zeros
  2. Dark Age
  3. Haenim (ft. Ether)

Side 3 

  1. Ghosts
  2. Escape
  3. The Young And The Restless

Side 4 

  1. Days & Nights
  2. Broken Windows
  3. Friends & Enemies

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Listen here.

Desire shares Escape, their new album written & recorded in Los Angeles & Palm Springs, California. Inspired by the ultra-vivid world of 1970’s giallo films, they wrote the soundtrack of their dreams using their favourite musical instruments: Minikorg, Jupiter 8, 909, Mellotron, Simmons Rhythm Modules, String Machine, a D-50 & Fender Rhodes.