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Lost in reverie.

Born out of escapist desire, Nancy is a freeing form of expression and a playground for the fantastical, evoking both glitz and grime in a menagerie of musical prowess.

“It is a way to express my oddball personality whichever way I choose.”

Nancy aka Jamie Hall (former guitarist and singer in Brighton trio Tigercub) grew up in the North East of England in a conservative environment where he was cruelly singled out for his unique characteristics and style. Years later and he would break out from the confines of a three-piece creative and explore a more authentic version of himself under the moniker of Nancy.

Following 2021 introductory album 7 Foot Tall Post-Suicidal Feel Good Blues, described by Pitchfork as an ode to the fragile euphoria of clawing yourself back from the brink, new album English Leather is hit after hit and an invitation to baptize yourself in Nancy’s unique and carefully crafted trashy-meets-classy brand of exaltation.

Sean Forbes at Rough Trade West says “you will instantly fall in love with each track and be amazed at the diversity,” adding that “English Leather is in parts doom glam and in other parts, straight up dance floor pop music and rock ‘n’ roll. Every song is killer.”

“I think pop music can change the world” says Hall. English Leather is a reminder that we should all do better to embrace the Nancy in our lives. The world will be all the richer for it.

Nancy – English Leather

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