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Welcome to the first monthly post of 5 Records we currently love!

Here are this month’s top picks from..

1. Ed

Grandaddy – Under The Western Freeway (20th Anniversary Edition) Friendship Fever

“An absolute nailed-on classic indie-rock album. Maybe not as polished as The Sophtware Slump which came three years later, but a classic none the less. If you told seventeen-year-old Ed that he’d be involved in reissuing this album twenty years later it would have blown his mind. No indie disco is complete without a spin of A.M. 180.”

2. Mark

EMA – “Exile in the Outer Ring”  City Slang
“To be honest I have been pretty obsessed with the music of Erika M. Anderson aka EMA since I first heard the haunting ‘The Grey Ship’ way back in 2011. Her third full length longplayer ‘Exile in the Outer Ring’ is possibly her finest and most complete work to date. The album starts with the stunningly simple but beautiful ‘7 Years’ and never lets up on sheer quality throughout. Other stand out tracks include ‘I Wanna Destroy’ (Erika delivering a dark and broody vocal), ‘Down and Out’ (gentle and almost pop-like qualities) and ‘Aryan Nation’ (brilliant thrash fuzz guitar and positive political messages). EMA is making music like no one else right now and I demand you take a listen – you won’t be disappointed”

3. Richie

Blue Hawaii – ”Tenderness” Arbutus Records

“Singer Raphaelle Standell-Preston is probably the coolest person in the world – not only is she in Blue Hawaii but she’s also in the incredible Braids and appears on Jon Hopkins’ ‘Asleep Versions EP’…that’s very solid.  I’m slightly obsessed with this album…it’s very different from the last records from BH. This seems a lot more together and you feel like BH have found ‘their sound’, it’s the perfect mix of cheesy Ibiza dance tracks and interesting little hooks and song writing. If Diplo joined Braids you might get close to this record…might…it’s hipster AF but sometimes ya’ know a spade is a spade…..also they wear Adidas tracksuits.

4. Naomi

Lindstrøm – “It’s Alright Between Us As It Is” Smalltown Supersound

“I’d never heard Lindstrøm’s music before, but anything that Smalltown Supersound releases has turned out to be one of my favourite records and so is this one. Norwegian artist Hans-Peter has nailed his use of dynamics and knows how to play with tension and release in his parts. Written as a continuous record, with each song spilling into the next, his use of melodies and warm tones are what attract me the most in his music. There’s a lot to learn from Lindstrøm and his album artwork is just lovely!”

5. Andy

Kerri Chandler – “DJ KiCKS” K7 Records

“One of my favourite DJ’s of all time steps up to the plate for K7’s DJ KiCKS. Spanning his love of Jazz Funk, Disco, Deep House and joining the dots in-between. Truly music for A Basement, A Red Light and A Feelin’.”

We hope you enjoy these records as much as we do!

Team ROM