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Following on from the release of her highly-praised debut EP ‘Electric Blue’, which established her as one of the most exciting new names emerging last year, “awkward pop” pioneer Belot is back once again to deliver her fresh and infectious new single ‘Bed’.

Continuing the same bold and dynamic sound she has been cultivating these last few years, ‘Bed’ sees her in renewed spirits and ready to unleash herself upon the scene at large. With its’ textured and unconventional approach to the pop sound, this new offering gives us just a small taste of the broad creativity she is set to unload on us all.

“‘Bed’ is about when you have a whole bunch of sexual tension with someone and although you’re both doing the polite back and forth of small talk, at the heart of it you really do just want to hook up.  I think we’ve all had some version of that with someone. I wrote the song after me and my two best friends spoke about the sort of funny social politics that are attached to that situation. What we all really want to say vs what we actually do.” – Belot

This is an opening track from an EP that will come out across the remainder of 2021 and carries on with similar themes of “drinking, messing about, and having fun.”

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