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After 14 years, LA group Pollyn are parting their ways, but before going out the scene they’ve released a collaboration with Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor.

The trio worked together on ‘Findaway’ and here’s what beat maker Adam Jay Weissman has to say:

“We wrote ‘Findaway’ last year as we were releasing ‘DISTRESS SIGNALS’. We recorded a bunch of songs that were going to be a new non-Pollyn project with guest vocalists. We had Alexis in mind for this track from the very beginning. We are both big fans of Hot Chip and I thought Alexis and Genevieve’s vocals would sound great together, which they do. As we were putting the anthology together ‘Findaway’ sounded like it belonged with the rest of the Pollyn songs, so it ended up on there as the last official Pollyn song.”DIY Magazine

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Listen to ‘Findaway’ below.