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Erika M. Anderson, known as EMA, sits down with Jezebel to discuss the new album ‘Exile in the Outer Ring’ and talks about Male Rage and America.

Exile in the Outer Ring delves into a bubbling darkness, a place Anderson calls “the outer ring”, a desolated and frustrated suburbia. Sinister sounding and reflective of her own anxieties the album is personal to EMA and explores themes such as gentrification, alienation and what it means to be a woman in spaces filled with male rage.

“One of the things I was tapping into maybe subconsciously was this kind of alienation from what these kind of city-centers were becoming. As much as I like dressing cool and eating nice food, there is a part of me that has a little bit of a gut check when I’m walking around a neighborhood that’s waytoo hip. There’s a part of me that just has this instinctual kind of hatred or resentment for a cute boutique selling overpriced shit, you know? I wanted to set protagonists and stories in a place that doesn’t really have all of that. I think of [the record] taking place in shitty apartments and the parking lot of a Best Buy or something and to say, the swath of human emotion is present in these places.”  – Jezebel

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‘Exile from the Outer Ring’ is out August 25th via City Slang.