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Due 28th July 2023. Available to pre-order now

It’s the first time that the band are on streaming services and it’s also the first time for “Hei Vidal!” on vinyl having been solely released on cassette and CD in 1992 on the Ankst label at a time when vinyl was in sharp decline and becoming unviable for a relatively small Welsh-language community of around half a million people.
We made the record in our early 20s and it was a Dream-pop distillation of our early 1970’s Glam, power-pop & Motorik obsessions – combined no doubt by our devotion to shoe gazing contemporaries from the Creation label, raw American guitar pop and our heroes of the Welsh language underground like Datblygu, John Cale and Y Cyrff.
The nonsensical album title is a quote from the song Colli’r Goriad and the Vidal in question perhaps a hallucinated amalgamation of Gore Vidal and Vidal Sassoon; both of which were omnipresent personalities on early 90’s TV, one as a pundit the other a seemingly rolling TV Shampoo advert.
You can hear a track from the album, ‘Ffarout’ now, on those streaming services, or check out it’s video that stars the pile of plates from the cover.
The record, remastered from DAT tapes by archivist Kliph Scurlock will be out in late July, limited to 1000 copies on vinyl, and in two colour formats, one only for Welsh independent shops & bandcamp – you can pre-order it at now (also available on CD & cassette)
The name, that carries a free double meaning, translates literally to Everybody’s Coffee Beans so we’re also doing a collaboration with the brilliant Hard Lines Coffee in Cardiff who have roasted us our own Ffa Coffi Pawb beans, you can order some with a record if that’s to your taste.
More news soon!