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out September 27th via City Slang

New Single ‘Plant’ is out now

Watch the official music video below:

an album about friendship, belonging, faith and understanding, themes which are palpable in the music, which is gentle and uplifting, healing and rousing.

efterklang has become an open community with three permanent members: mads brauer, casper clausen and rasmus stolberg. on this album, the core trio re-connected with their old friend and founding efterklang member, rune mølgaard, who left the band in 2007 to join the mormon church, and ultimately withdrew from the church in 2022. his profound spiritual journey significantly influences the album’s content and tone, on which he has co-written seven of the nine songs. the album features contributions from a variety of international musicians. zach condon of beirut, finnish drummer tatu rönkkö, venezuelan guitarist hector tosta and guatemalan cellist and singer mabe fratti all became key collaborators. italian award- winning mixer francesco donadello and south denmark girls’ choir both left their indelible mark on the record, as they did with the band’s 2012 album, ‘piramida’.