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CD due September 22nd

Echo Ladies are Matilda Botwid, Mattis Andersson and Joar Andersén, three school-friends who, after playing in various different bands, realised that they worked best together. In 2014, after looking for “a name that represented their sound”, they became Echo Ladies, partly inspired by the name of the drum machine from a shared favourite band, Echo & the Bunnymen.

After a string of singles and an EP, the band released their debut album ‘Pink Noise’ in 2018 to acclaim both in Sweden and internationally, including UK tours and praise from Drowned in Sound, Bandcamp, MOJO and more. The band are now back with new material and new full-length ‘Lilies’ will be released September 8th through Rama Lama Records and Republic of Music.

This album is built on the same foundation that Echo Ladies curated during their past releases, but with a more unyielding presence. Echo Ladies have always tried to balance two emotions at the same time throughout their songs. While their past songs tried to convey the feeling of nostalgia and hope for the future, mixed with worries and anxieties about defining who you are and what you will become, this album instead tries to balance the emotions of sorrow and loneliness, with anger, frustration, and the determination to make a change for the better.

This album really carries the Echo Ladies mantra that “Nothing Ever Lasts”. Good things can come to an end, but bad things will also pass.