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Barry Adamson prepares for its upcoming new remix EP, which will be out November 24th via Central Control International. (Preorder)

Releasing the Love Sick EP back in April, a ‘loose concept record’ which Adamson describes:

“The Blues is the blues and if the heart aches then that’s the sound that will come out. Whether you are playing guitar, a synth, a piano or performing futuristic guitar solos on your iPhone!” – Brooklyn Vegan

Adamson has now turned over the EP tracks to a bunch of artists such as ADULT., Jimi Tenor, Gazelle Twin, Lunacre and Wheel to contribute remixes and the first track is  “I Got Clothes” by Manchester/Factory Records vets A Certain Ratio, who turned the track into something more funky and electronic.

ACR explains:

“We’ve always liked Barry’s music and were honoured when we were asked to work with him. We didn’t want to do it like a typical remix but more of a collaboration. We approached it as if we were writing an ACR track from scratch and built on a groove playing everything live then chopped Barry’s vocal for the verses and the female scatting vocals for the choruses. We added drums, bass, guitar, trumpet, keyboards, vocals, percussion, Roland 303 and vocoder and are really pleased with the outcome. The end section is typical ACR where it takes off and goes somewhere else. We haven’t worked out where that somewhere else is yet but we have been trying to get there for ages and love searching for it.” – Keep reading on Brooklyn Vegan




Listen to  ‘Love Sick Dick’ Remix teaser below.