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Mara Simpson’s new album, LAYERS is out on April 22nd on Downfield records, coinciding with International Earth day!


LAYERS is an instrumental reimagining of album IN THIS PLACE which came out in September 2021.

Mara says, “The idea came from having always loved the moments when I’m mixing a piece and hearing different combinations of instruments on their own. I wanted to share these sound-pallets, and reveal the layers behind the ‘finished’ song.
When I came to produce these tracks into pieces in their own rights, there was a twist; To me, taking away the lyrics and stripping arrangements back in different ways, actually intensified the themes and stories behind the music. Those themes of guardianship, both of the earth and of our children, and the stories behind each song, to me, now feel more elemental, the exposing of LAYERS revealing a deeper essence of these tracks. “

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