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Given the creative and experimental production ideas of Fyfe together with the cinematic orchestrations of Iskra Strings , it’s a collaboration with limitless potential. That unpredictability is a constant throughout the Interiority album.
Boosted by collaborations with Ghostpoet , Rae Morris , Kelly Lee Owens and Aquilo , it explores self-discovery and internal narratives, emphasising the profound importance of not allowing yourself to become too consumed by technology – most notably social media – or any other vanity-driven distractions.
It also taps into the idea of forging new worlds through expansive instrumental soundscapes.
Iskra Strings adds, “We wanted this album to have a cinematic mindfulness that would drive home the idea of world-creating. ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’ was a big influence: that feeling of looking up and being bathed in light was something I thought about a lot when making the album.
That sense of expectation and that something is happening creates wonder and otherness, and it inspires us to look elsewhere to something bigger than ourselves.”