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1. Who are you? Tell us a bit about your label!
The label’s first release was in December 2015 exactly 2 years after the opening of the store in Geneva. As we all are musicians or producers, we related to different music scenes in different cities. And for sure very connected to our very creative local scene. This would define the actual music catalog to come on the label. As music lovers and record collectors we really wanted to put some light on less known music scenes from the past and we naturally started reissuing music though compilations and sometimes exact reproduction of albums. Revealing musical gems from the past nourish the creativity of actual bands. It’s all linked!
2. Can you suggest 5 of your favourite artists from your label for someone who may not have heard of you before, to listen to?
It’s impossible to name 5 artists… it’s like choosing in between your children !!! I just can say the label is on a mission: putting “unheard” music on the map. When we speak about unheard music it means our local Swiss underground artists, bands from Malawi, some late-80s obscure Spanish ambient or Azeri guitar archives. The point is sharing music we love to a larger audience than just initiates.
3.  Is there a specific style of music that your label represents, or are there various? If so, can you name the main genres?
Some might say it’s eclectic! (laugh) The discography is pretty diverse, but we think if you take the bigger picture, it’s like a puzzle that makes sense. It reflects our love of music in all its diversity. But to resume, everything is built on three pillars: Swiss underground scene, obscure music from the past and international artists who share this psychy-groovy-weirdy DNA. First. it’s important for us to release music from locals, it’s kind of our duty. Then we try to create something outside our country with people sharing the same vibe as us. It’s amazing to work with some people we love from years like Meridian Brothers or artists we’re following since day one like Derya Yildirim. Finally, the reissue thing is the cherry on top: we do it for the love of music.
4.  What do you enjoy most about working in music?
Being part of Les Disques Bongo Joe isn’t just releasing music on vinyl, it’s also sharing some ideas. We try to create a real family with all the artists and curators we work with. Before being partners, they’re friends of us. We try our best to create a powerful dynamic that benefits to everybody. We organized parties around Europe, invite bands or DJs to play at our store… we put a lot of effort to create a vibe and build strong links. Seeing sometimes three Bongo Joe’s bands on the same festival line ups is kind of an achievement.
5. What are you most looking forward to this upcoming year? (e.g. any specific artists / releases / tours you’re looking forward to?)
There’s not really something we’re looking forward to. We just want Bongo Joe in its globality (label, store, bar venue) flourish.  Behind Bongo Joe, there is this idea of being more than a shop, more than a bar, and then more than a label. Being like a cultural center is a real goal. Everything is made about sharing the love of music but staying as inclusive as possible. Passing by Bongo Joe, you can chat about the concert you saw last night in Geneva, drink a good coffee while listening to some obscure cumbia, meet an artist of the label who’s visiting or just buy the latest release of International Anthem. And sometimes you want to chill with a beer and there’s soundcheck of the band playing that night. We want things to be as alive as possible, spontaneous, and rich.