Trim “RPG” taken from 1-800 Dinosaur Presents Trim out 29th July 2016 via 1-800 Dinosaur.

A trailblazing Radio 1 show, unparalleled club-nights and a promising label, the 1-800 DINOSAUR crew are undoubtedly a focal point for all tastemakers alike. With a string of understated 12” releases, 1-800 Dinosaur are now set to unveil their first full-length release. Anchored by Trim’s polarising narrative,  ‘1-800 DINOSAUR Presents Trim’ is a collaborative endeavour featuring a slew of 1-800 members and affiliates, including: Happa, Dan Foat, Airhead, James Blake, Klaus Boothroyd and Bullion.

Outspoken and sharp, Trim’s introspectively sinister delivery weaves hypnotically between the 1-800 crews’ varying soundscapes. Emerging Yorkshire producer Happa – who’s stock continues to rise with each release – puts forward a tribal-like march on ‘Before I Lied’, with Trim eerily advising to “be careful who you laugh amongst”. Already in circulation, the videogame like progression of ‘RPG’ seeps with Blake’s signature off-kilter soul, feeding the subversive nature that Trim revels in.