After 11 years Japanese artist Cornelius returns with a new album “Mellow Waves” out digitally this Friday, 21 July via Rostrum Records.

This new single follows a series of black and white animated videos, having shared “If You’re Here” and “Sometimes Someplace”, Cornelius reveals In A Dream” a mind-bending reality that defies gravity where the perspective of the city and people is floating above us.

“Mellow Waves hits you not just with ravishing sonics, but with a plangent heart, a sense of emotional growth that fulfils the promise Cornelius’s music has always had. It brings to a glorious completion a pure emotional core that jangles and compromises Oyamada’s supra-awareness in delicious ways.” The Wire

“Cornelius cooks up a melee that defies immediate categorisation. Part-electronica, part organic and fluid, part-fractured, the details shape-shift into a perfect whole.” – DJ Magazine

“Lovely, lazy sunshine music.” – Electronic Sound


Watch the video below.