During lockdown we’ve been busy asking selected labels to pick out a favourite ‘video from their vaults’ giving you a chance to catch anything you may have missed.

Check out today’s video from the vault below




“We picked this video because it represents a pivotal moment in the bands history. “Letters from the underground” was our first self-made/self released album and “burn America burn” was the first video from that. It was DIY or die! The song is about the Virginia Tech shootings in 2007, with the inflammatory chorus sung from the killers point of view. Not about the Bush regime per se the song is actually about the monsters living among us. We wanted something visually striking to portray this, using the Levellers symbols and artwork. It had to be like a punk rock graphic novel; a statement of intent. We chose a young director, Ben Strebel, straight out of film school because we wanted enthusiasm over experience – someone just starting out, as we felt we were with our own On the Fiddle Recordings. He did a great job and the whole indie venture turned out to be the best move we ever made. “

–  On The Fiddle

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