What do you enjoy the most about The Great Escape?

It’s a trip to the seaside and I always have a long list of bands I’ve wanted to see for a while so that’s two good things for a start. It’s a good chance to catch up with friends too. The most enjoyable thing has to be the fact that at any point you could be moments away from watching your new favourite band

Is this the first time you’re playing? If so, what are you most excited about?

The Charlatans played at The Haunt in 2017 and it was one of my favourite shows that year – a late night, jam packed venue with lots of our friends around.

I’m most excited about seeing how many bands I get to see that are on my list. Although part of the enjoyment of a festival is going where things take you. I’m guessing some friends will have a list of bands that they want to see too, so it’s difficult to stick to plans

If not, any memories or highlights that stick out from previous years?

The Great Escape 2017 has lots of highlights and good memories. Our new album, Different Days was released the week after the gig, so we were playing a few songs for the first time – we were filming a video around the show too, so spirits were high. We spent a fantastic couple of days in Brighton – every corner we turned, there was bands playing on stages put up in the streets.

Which bands are you keen on seeing this year?

Hoping to catch Little Simz, Penelope Isles, Pigs x 7, Pip Blom and The Mysterines

If you had one piece of advice for new artists/bands just starting out,   what would that be?

Follow your own path. It’s about enjoying yourself and resisting being dragged into the machine – and be careful who you trust. Other than that, play as many gigs as you can and stop for a minute to have a look around and figure out if you’re enjoying yourself

Tell us one fact about yourself (or your band) that people might not know

Most mornings at 7am, I’m up out of bed building something out of Lego