Multi-instrumentalist Theo Verney has been keeping low key for a while, but now he’s returned with a lighthearted, summery track “Easy Street”

The multi-talented musician explains the concept of his new track further, “When I wrote Easy Street, it started off as a slightly sarcastic reflection on how I tend to blow problems out of proportion, even though compared to the majority of people I have a relatively simple and easy life. Or as the great Neil Young puts it “though my problems are meaningless, that don’t make them go away.

“The song was written, recorded and mixed extremely quickly,” Verney added, “so it feels a little more spontaneous to me. I think I’m learning to let go a bit more with songs I write and realise that nothing will ever be perfect, which links back into the theme of the song.”

“EASY STREET” Is Out Digitally TOMORROW (July 25th)