The Great Escape 2018: Q&A with Madonnatron

By May 18, 2018 Music

The Great Escape is just around the corner and we’ve asked Madonnatron to share their thoughts regarding the annual festival in Brighton.


What do you enjoy the most about The Great Escape?

I don’t think any of us have ever been to the festival as punters before so our favourite bit is that we get to play in Brighton again…


Is this the first time your playing? If so, what are you most excited about?

We played a frantic 20 minute set at the Republic of Music gymnasium show last year so are looking forward to coming back for more of the same at the Shipyard session. We’ve heard it gets really busy and excitable. We did talk about doing an full on prog jam but in light of the fact that we don’t own any flares, just shitloads of sequins, we reckon we’ll just do some proper songs instead.


Which bands are you keen on seeing this year?

We will probably go and heckle Warmduscher with foul language on Friday night which sadly is the only night we’re down for. Otherwise we’d have loved to have stuck around for Self Esteem on the Saturday and the Acidbox/ Bitchcraft late night after party at Sticky Mike’s. We are also tragically going to miss Idles and Black Midi on the Thursday too!


If you had one piece of advice for new artists/bands just starting out,   what would that be?

Just don’t give a fuck. Play for the love of the music, not your ego.


Tell us one fact about yourself (or your band) that people might not know.

While we were on tour recently, Stef (our flame haired guitarist), casually dropped into conversation that she is mates with the Maharaja of Jaisalmer in India. They met there some years ago and drove into the desert in his jeep while listening to Pink Floyd at full volume. Like a more relaxed Hunter S.Thompson and Dr Gonzo type trip. He is apparently a lovely man who breeds horses, which he rides bareback and wakes up very early to personally take care of them.  This was the first we’d heard of it. We have known Stef for 4 years. God knows what else she has up her sleeve….


A big thank you to Madonnatron, they’ll be playing at The Shipwright’s Yard Sessions on Friday at Shipwrights Yard. (Click here for event)


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