The Great Escape 2018: Q&A with Demob Happy

By May 16, 2018 Music
Demob Happy

The Great Escape is just around the corner and we’ve asked Demob Happy to share their thoughts regarding the annual festival in Brighton.

What do you enjoy the most about The Great Escape?

It’s a weekend of the year that we see a lot of friends in bands from all over the place who we wish we got to see more so it’s always fun. During the day there is an electricity around the city you can feel. There’s an excitement, a potential in the air. Then night comes and its carnage. We love it.

Any memories or highlights that stick out from previous years?

So many. When we first moved to Brighton, before anyone knew we existed down here, we would get a generator and pull the back of our van up to the crowds at the heart of TGE and do these rowdy little street shows until we got moved along. Then we’d set up somewhere else. I think the year after that we got on the Official line-up for the first time which is a bit of a right of passage for a Brighton band.

Which bands are you keen on seeing this year?

Valeras are great, we had them out with us on our UK tour in April. Also gunna try and catch The Psychotic Monks, Goat Girl, Amyl and the Sniffers, Puppy and plenty more while sinking beers and wandering about.

If you had one piece of advice for new artists/bands just starting out, what would that be?

Stay left-field as long as possible. There’s always time to sell out later!

Tell us one fact about yourself (or your band) that people might not know.

Our new album, the most upright ‘Holy Doom’ was released on 23rd March, the same day as World Posture Day. Coincidence? We’ll leave that to you. But know this..We ain’t no slouches

A big thank you to Demob Happy, they’ll be playing at The Big Break Showcase on Thursday at the Snooker Club. (Click here for event)

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