The Blinders ‘Life’s A Beach’ acoustic series part 1 is out now!!

A six parter, Life’s A Beach features a number of guests, including The Goa Express and Manchester folk legend Jon Coley.

Matching live performances against conversation, the series opens with a guest spot from John McCullagh of Children Of The State.

Lead vocalist/guitarist Thomas Haywood is on fine form, gently duelling with his guest, with both afforded space to express themselves.

With live music essentially shut down, the band were left to promote their excellent album ‘Fantasies Of A Stay At Home Psychopath’ via other means.

Thinking outside the box, the group have crafted a series of digital documents, a way to communicate with fans during lockdown.

Shooting a brand new web series, Life’s A Beach is filmed at Liverpool’s beautiful Formby Beach, featuring three episodes split into two halves.