The singer drops another heartfelt tune as he gears up to drop his highly-anticipated EP.

Transporting us to a mystical forest for his new heartfelt new single is Sam Johnson with new tune “Changes”. Showcasing empowering piano-led chorus with soaring vocals, the singer’s latest new offering is a contemporary pop hit with hints of nostalgic rhythms. Shot in the middle of the night, the video sees the singer dive in deep creatively as he explores his past through an array of childhood memories and Polaroid pictures.

Speaking on the video, the singer said, “I never thought I’d say my favourite video shoot to date would be in a rainy forest near Bolton at 04.00 am in the morning, but alas this year has produced far stranger revelations. We had everything from the joys of erecting a 12-foot pole designed to rain polaroid’s down on me from the sky in near lightning conditions, to powering a dozen old vintage TV’s in the rain without blowing them up. It all made for a shoot that definitely kept us all on our toes and one that I will never forget. It’s a video that maps the whole history of my life and one that I will keep close to my heart for a very long time.”

The new single follows up from his previous addictive hit “The Kids Are Alright”, which are both taken from his highly anticipated EP “Are We There Yet”. With the artist teasing more raw productions, we’re curious to see what the EP entails.

Check out the video below…

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