What a year it’s been! We took a moment to highlight our staff’s favourite picks of the year. Here they are:

‘Pop Psychedelique (The Best of French Psychedelic Pop 1964-3019)’

“Is it okay to vote for your own compilation that you compiled for Album of the year?

Yeah, it’s fine I reckon, after all if I compiled it so it would be a bit mad if I didn’t love it.

‘Pop Psychedelique (The Best of French Psychedelic Pop 1964-3019)’ showcases my love of all things French Pop and Pzyk.

A compilation outlining some of the finest examples of French Psychedelic Pop from the Sixties legends such as Brigitte Bardot , Frances Gall, Serge Gainsbourg, through the tres chic 60s pop of Jacqueline Taieb, Anna Karina, Gillian Hills to the modern indie psych sounds of The Liminanas, L’Epee and rounding off to the moog electronic genius of Jean-Jacques Perrey and Pierre Henry.

It’s pure unadulterated fun from start to finish and can’t fail to put a smile on your face – Tres Cool!”

– Mark. Republic of Music.

Tom Moulton – Spring Event | Wunderhorse – Teal

“Double Bubble for me.

Tom Moulton – Spring Event. What more can you say about Tom Moulton? the man is a legend here he shows that he is still at the heights of his powers,

these mixes done over the last four year are up there with the best things he has done.

Disco they maybe but they tease you with hypnotic and psychedelic grooves as well

Wunderhorse – Teal is my favorite song of the year, a ode to a fucked up youth looking forward to more for them in 2022.”

– Dave. Republic of Music.

Aesop Rock & Blockhead – Garbology

“Aes returns with my favourite project of his since 2016’s The Impossible Kid (which remains my favourite record since its release).

Blockhead’s beats are all top notch and the lyrics second to none, as ever. “I hate praising net worth over legwork, I hate ceding all power to the extroverts, I find the current social architecture hell on earth, We make shepherds and shadow ‘em to the netherworld…”

– Ben W. Republic of Music.

JOHN – Nocturnal Manoeuvres

“Daisy’s album of the year is JOHN – Nocturnal Manoeuvres

A heavy hitting stomper from JOHN , this has been on heavy rotation since it came out.”

– Greg and Daisy. Republic of Music

Middle Kids – Today We’re The Greatest

“I am absolutely OBSESSED with this album and have probably listened to it every day for most of this year.

Back to back sing a long bangers, apologies to my neighbours.

🎵Life is gory and boring sometimes
But today we’re the greatest🎵

– Robyn. Republic of Music.

Okyerema Asante featuring Plunky – Drum Message

“Grooves!!! Cosey & I have been cutting shapes to this record, look at her move!”

– Ben J. Republic of Music

Wayne Snow – Figurines

“I’ve been playing this album on repeat since it was released🧡

It’s a perfect mix of psychedelic, jazzy electronics & soul. A must listen in my opinion!”

– Linnea. Republic Of Music.

Whitney K. – Two Years

“An incredible debut record from Whitney K and one which i’ve revisited numerous times throughout the year.

It’s a mix of alt folk, indie folk blues and feels very authentic and raw in its production.

Key tracks on loop this year include last night #2, Maryland and Trans-Canada Oil Boom Blues. “

– Gatt. Republic of Music.

D. Gee Mono – A Little Less Fire

“My favourite album this year is D. Gee Mono – A Little Less Fire. There is something haunting and mesmerising about the album which is right up my street.

I will put this album on to enter a more interesting and wistful world where the mundane does not exist, which has been much needed this year.

The soundscapes created here are inspiring and enjoyable. 10/10!”

– Anna. Republic of Music.

Rhymesayers – Unlearning Vol.1

“A mighty fine triumph of hip-hop excellence, showcasing a genuine evolvement of sounds & artistry from 1/3 of them Dilated Peoples!

A unique cross of old skool hip hop & modern experimental sampling, meticulously spliced together, creating a raw, compelling & beautifully crafted gem, from a master still at the top of their game!

Evidence: “Unlearning Vol.1”
via Rhymesayers”

– Barney. Republic of Music.

Whitney K. – Two Years | Damu The Fudgemunk ~ Conversation Peace

“I LOVE Whitney K and I LOVE Maple Death Records ~ even though they trolled me in the build-up to the euros final < 3.

This release was a long time in the making and tbh it was worth the wait. Still gets plays out in our house most days..

a modern day c l a s s I c.


… I had to add Damu The Fudgemunk ~ Conversation Peace the first Def Pressé + KPM release.

Again, a lot of hard work behind the scenes to bring this to life and it paid off in a big way. Damu is a genius – pure and simple.

Also big shout out to Conspirators and Angstkiste who have both release great Eps this year.

Peace & Love.”

– Richie. Republic of Music.

Good Morning – Barnyard

“This album feel likes a gentle hug from a fluffy person, a casual listen that slowly turns into something special, something that you can rely on in times of need.

By the end of it you feel as though you are somewhere familiar and nothing seems out of place, like watching the intro to the Simpsons knowing that you are about to be entertained – best listened to on and early morning train ride. 👍

Luke. Republic of Music