As the end of the year approaches we’ve decided to giveaway 10 ROM favourite albums of the year.

Picked by a member of the staff, we hope you enjoy the variety and selection of music we’ve chosen.

Team ROM x

Album of the Year from..

Name: Andy

Album of the Year: Kelly Lee Owens – Kelly Lee Owens – Smalltown Supersound

Favourite cuppa: Ginger, Lemon with Hot Water

“Love this album has constantly been on my record player / headphones this year. I feel this is only the beginning for this hugely talented artist.”

Name: Mark

Album of the Year: EMA – Exile in the Outer Ring – City Slang

Favourite cuppa: Weak Tea

“To be honest I have been pretty obsessed with the music of Erika M. Anderson aka EMA since I first heard the haunting ‘The Grey Ship’ way back in 2011. Her third full length longplayer ‘Exile in the Outer Ring’ is possibly her finest and most complete work to date. The album starts with the stunningly simple but beautiful ‘7 Years’ and never lets up on sheer quality throughout. Other stand out tracks include ‘I Wanna Destroy’ (Erika delivering a dark and broody vocal), ‘Down and Out’ (gentle and almost pop-like qualities) and ‘Aryan Nation’ (brilliant thrash fuzz guitar and positive political messages). EMA is making music like no one else right now and I bloody love it – Album of the Year”

Name: Dave

Album of the Year: Blanck Mass – World Eater – Sacred Bones

Favourite cuppa: Black coffee

“Beautiful brutality from Ben Power, taking the sonic assault to a next level from “Dumb Flesh” This the nearest I have heard to the soundtrack in my head.”

Name: Ed

Album of the Year: Floating Points – Mojave Desert – Pluto

Favourite cuppa: Between Tea and White Coffee

“Not as immediate as Elaenia, but after repeated listens it slowly draws you into the windswept space-rock desert soundtrack. There are moments of real tenderness and beauty here, which carefully wind-up to more upbeat stanzas, then back down again to soft blissed out lead outs. An intriguing and intellectual album, from one of the UKs new musical pioneers.”

Name: Gatt

Album of the Year: Leif Vollebekk – Twin Solitude – Secret City

Favourite cuppa: Coffee with a touch of milk and a smile

“Twin Solitude by Leif Vollebekk is truly a beautiful thing. A record that feels like your in the room from start to finish and has a strong emotional sincerity is always going to win me over. Personal favourites on the album include Elegy, Into the Ether and Vancouver Time. The melodic and rhythmic perfections and imperfections is what makes this record so dynamic and warm . Also amazing live. Top work Leif!”

Name: Megan

Album of the Year: Zola Jesus – Okovi – Sacred Bones

Favourite cuppa: Milky Coffee

Okovi is yet another great goth-pop album from start to finish by the virtuosic creative that is Zola Jesus. The LP is definitely a favourite of the year encompassing electronic production with organic instrumentation and haunting vocals. One of my most-loved features on the album is the beautiful layering of vocals used to create different textures. A few favourites include ‘Exhumed’, ‘Witness’ and ‘Veka’ which convey ‘all the feels’ through emotive lyrics, ethereal strings, dynamic variation, dissonance and intense heavy-driven drum beats.”


Name: Bex

Album of the Year: Tennis – Yours Conditionally – Mutually Detrimental 

Favourite cuppa: Black Coffee with a bit of cold water

“Well crafted retro pop songs with mild hints of the likes of Fleetwood Mac. Fourth album and the best record so far.”

Name: Richie

Album of the Year: The Hundredth Anniversary – Sea State Pictures – Faking Jazz Together Records

Favourite cuppa: Black Coffee

“When you know you know.

Everything about THA is beautiful/lush from their songwriting ability, live performance and how close they are as friends. If you listen to this record (and really listen not just in your office whilst searching for memes) you start to realise how perfect it is and how talented these best friends are and how well they complement each other. The artwork is too sweet as well. 

When you know, you know.”

Name: Jonesy

Album of the Year: Jackie Shane – Any other Way – Numero

Favourite cuppa: Water, with occasional cup of teas

“Absolutely love this collection of recordings by the mighty Jackie Shane released on the forever great Numero Label. Pure Soul & Rhythm & Blues at its finest”

Name: Naomi

Album of the Year: Noga Erez – Off the Radar – City Slang

Favourite cuppa: White coffee with 1 sugar

“I’m not one for Electronic music but this year I’ve been exposed to some great electronic records and it’s all thanks to this brilliant artist. From her performance to her songwriting, Noga Erez is an inspiring woman which translates confidence and really pushes her lyrics where there’s no escape. It is what it is, and you’re going to have to listen. Politically charged and full of great beats I highly recommend this record.”