We asked Vinilo Records all about what makes their recordstore so special…

read what they had to say!


We play albums in full, burn incense & drink black coffee.

Concentrating and believeing in new music,

only pockets of heritage records from 1965 onwards.

The selection in the racks is mostly from the last 10 years.

The store has a 100%  plant based coffee bar.

Everyone is welcome, the atmosphere is friendly and we love to spend time having a chat with our customers.

There is a small hand picked pre loved selection.

Open 7 days + 24/7 on our web store


There is a mix of genres

Mainly focused on indie guitar, hip hop, electronica and pop


What is unique

Not sure about unique but its deffinatly different!

The store is minimal, raw, spacious, with fresh new stock weekly.

Our small team are on hand, to advise and recommend and listen.

Online streaming

Yes! Music is more accessible, which is a really great thing.

We use it to explore new music all the time.

It helps that customers can stream and fall in love with new music before buying an album.

The physical record is almost the opposite to streaming, it’s something that looked after, will last a lifetime. It’s a document of you at that time, what you were listening to, how you felt, a memory.

We always say, as much as streaming is good, there is nothing like flicking through a great record collection, looking at all the artwork, putting the needle on.

5-10 album recommendations

We have chosen 10 records from our core stock, because this was super hard!

Albums that we have always had in store since opening in 2017 or since its release!

Records we love, (in no order)