We’ve asked Level Crossing Records some questions about their store & their experience running a record store during lockdown. Read what they had to say below and check them out here. 

1. Who are you? Tell us a bit about Level Crossing Records.
My name is Mark and I run Level Crossing Records with my wife Luisa. We are a Record Store with an espresso bar in East Sheen, South West London.
My dream as a record collector and playing in various bands has always been to open a record store of my own. The store has become a social hub to regular faces and new customers alike, who all share a love for music. You’re always likely to enter Level Crossing Records and find yourself talking about a new release or unexpected re-pressing with another customer.

2. What styles of music do you sell in-store?

Due to our customers, the genres that come through our store are a real mixed bag. We are always on the lookout for new music, keeping our ear to the ground and constantly taking on customer recommendations.

We have a wall of new releases that is a visual representation of what East Sheen’s residents have been listening to.

3.  What do you love about working in music?

The people we have met through running the shop are second to none. Our customers are the reason we get up in the morning and the best thing about owning a record store, they’ve become extended family to us.

4. How are/were you running the store during lockdown, are/were you available online? 

During lockdown, we came up with some practical solutions to get  music to the people.

At first, we were hand delivering records, walking all over the local area, dropping off vinyl on doorsteps. Recently, we’ve been doing click and collect through social media, with customers able to come and pick up records alongside a specialty coffee. Alternatively, you can book a private record dig; so you can have the shop to yourself as you browse classics and new releases alike. 

5. What are you most looking forward to in the future & when things go back to normal (e.g. any specific releases / instores that you’re doing)? 

Record Store Day 2021! This is our Christmas and Birthday rolled into one. We are excited to be stocking all major releases this year, spanning across a variety of genres.

Also, before lockdown, we would host parties and open mic nights in the shop, open to all, with live DJs and artists performing, it made for a great night out.

We are excited to get back to those as lockdown eases, and start welcoming some new faces that might find themselves in the area.

6. Anything else you’d like our followers to know? 

Level Crossing Records is an ever-growing family, and we’d love new customers to become a part of it, so whether you fancy digging through the records, attending an open mic, or just sharing your love for music, everyone is always welcome.

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