Room With A View sees Rone returning to his musical roots and the set-up of his early albums: purely electronic, solitarily conceived without any musical collaborators. At the same time he was able to leave his comfort zone through a new kind of artistic liaison. The album was produced alongside a live show commissioned by the Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris and developed together with choreography collective (LA) Horde and 20 dancers of the Ballet National de Marseille. This new kind of collaborative approach allowed Rone to produce his most sincere and far-reaching music in some time. Inspired by discussions of collapsologie and climate change, Room With A View offers food for thought on how to deal with one of the most pressing issues of humanity.


1. Lucid Dream 04:53
2. La Marbrerie 06:22
3. Sophora Japonica 02:47
4. Ginkgo Biloba 03:30
5. Nouveau Monde 06:44
6. Room With A View 03:30
7. Le Crapaud Doré 03:29
8. Liminal Space 04:04
9. Human 06:54
10. Babel 04:17
11. Esperanza 04:22
12. Raverie 07:56
13. Solastalgia 04:00
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