Indian Queens, hailing from Hackney Wick, make music for people of the night. For those who live in a dream like state or those who use the dark to carry out their nefarious habits. The only light in Indian Queens world comes from a flickering street lamp or the dull glow of a mobile phone. It’s the music of Dickens East End before the gentrification. Since formation in late 2016, the band have been picking up high profile fans such as Simon Raymonde and Robert Smith of The Cure, who invited the band to play the prestigious Meltdown festival last year along side artists such as My Bloody Valentine, Nine Inch Nails and The Libertines.

Their dark, dreamy and hypnotic sounds echo Portishead and Massive Attack mixed with the modern edge and swagger of Warpaint and Radiohead.

1. Bubblewrap
2. Pretty Little Thing
3. God Is A Woman
4. Some Kinda Blue
5. Wanderlust
6. Us Against The World
7. I Got So Much I Wanna Say
8. I Get No Rest
9. Concrete Lips
10. Warning Sign
11.You Came Over Late
12. Shoot For Sexy
13. Walk