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Tom Middleton is focused on the future in many ways. His new alias GCOM is an all-new, 21st century redesign of his original Global Communication concept and collaboration with Mark Pritchard. 

 The new album E2-XO is some of the most advanced music he has ever made, both in sound and concept. signifying a technological, creative and philosophical evolution into the new era; from planetary communication and understanding to Galactic Communication. 

 A decade in the making, inspired by themes surrounding anthropocene humankind’s impact on climate, what we’re doing about it, conscious AI, and the acceleration for interplanetary travel beyond the Moon, to Mars, and eventually intergalactic in search of potentially habitable exoplanets, the story of the hunt for Earth 2.0. As he continues to expand his sonic horizons, Tom has been concurrently exploring visionary applications of astrophysics, AI, cosmology, cube-sats and rocket science, alongside more esoteric ideas about the nature of the Universe and the human condition. 

 Previously his interest in sleep science led Tom to expanding the instinctively beautiful ambience of classic Global Communication into something tailored to helping people with sleep problems using brainwave entrainment; scoring an iTunes top ten album with his Sleep Better project, a record that is measurably therapeutic in the truest sense, and has spawned many projects focused on supporting human problems like anxiety, stress, sleep disruption and human performance using sound design for wellness, but with no loss of brilliance in terms of musicality. E2-XO is an audio movie, a space opera, a psychic investigation of the human mind in space. It is a fully immersive experience, with all the dynamics that such an imagination-stretching voyage implies. Listeners will hear echoes of Tom’s whole creative life; from his childhood absorbing Vangelis and Tomita, through the white heat of discovery alongside Richard D James, Matthew Herbert and friends, right through to his collaborations with technological innovators today and his current research into neuroscience and sound design. E2-XO acknowledges the past, but make no mistake whatsoever: This is the future… 


  1. Noctis Ultimus (Epic Mix)
  2. XO Transmission #1
  3. Anthropocene
  4. Ocean Dreams
  5. The Last Rains (V mix)
  6. Starship Launch
  7. Beyond the Singularity
  8. Helix Nebula
  9. Noctis Reprise (For QEBRUS)
  10. XO 1 (Luyten b)
  11. XO 2 (Kapteyn b)
  12. XO Transmission #2
  13. XO 4 (Wolf 1061c)
  14. XO 6 (LHS1723 b)
  15. XO Transmission #3
  16. Planet B Awakening
  17. XO 7 (Teegarden b)
  18. Midnight Shore
  19. Beyond The Milky Way
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