The album is preceded by the release of third single ‘Looking Happy’ which is the type of upbeat sad banger we’ve come to expect from Reddy, the track will be familiar to anybody that saw her play at Ireland Music Week last year as it was a highlight of her set that night.

Following in the footsteps of ‘Time Difference’ and ‘Between Your Teeth’, ‘Looking Happy’ is drawn from Reddy’s experiences of isolation whilst touring. Looking back at experience of writing ‘Personal History’ Reddy credits her recent studies for opening the conduit which allowed her to examine herself so closely.

“I spent a year studying psychotherapy before I started writing this album and I realised while recording that I had subconsciously included a lot  of clinical terms in my lyrics. Words like ego, true intimacy, personal history, self improvement. The themes of understanding my fear of and need for relationships with others, my frustration with myself, my journey with self acceptance. The collection of songs I ultimately decided to put on this record are all linked to my desire as a songwriter to understand myself and those around me. Writing is about being understood, music is therapy.”

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