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Read Nick J.D. Hodgson Interview with NME

By November 2, 2017Music

Ex Kaiser Chief’s drummer Nick J.D. Hodgson talks to NME about life after Kaiser Chief and his debut solo album ‘Tell Your Friends’.

He’s released his first solo single ‘Suitable’: “I wrote the song just on the acoustic guitar, I had the melody and the lyrics for the chorus, then I took into my studio where I’ve got a 70’s drum kit, a 70’s bass and 70’s guitars. It’s nice to just be able to let them all breathe and just do their thing. I personify my instruments, and you really feel their life.” – NME

What do you think people are going to learn about you from the album?

“That’s a really good question because I would hope the people would understand that I’ve got a side to me that’s much more introspective. I think that came across on a lot of Kaiser Chiefs album. Even singles such as ‘Modern Way’. There was that kind of sad but uplifting feeling to it. I think most of these songs are like that. When most people think of what I write, it’s been kind of ‘GET UP, LADS LAD LADS!’ And I don’t really feel like that any more so I just want to explore that. I heard Calvin Harris talking about feel-good music, and I was thinking it’s such a good aim. It’s not easy to do feel-good music right. It’s underrated.”

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Tell Your Friends’ is out January 26 via Prediction Records. Hodgson will support the Cribs at their Cribsmas show at Leeds’ Brudenell Social Club on December 18. For tickets and information, visit here.




Listen to ‘Suitable’ below.