Young Knives have revealed a video for the title track from their latest album, Barbarians.

The duo, comprised of brothers Henry Dartnall and The House Of Lords, released the album, their first in seven years, last months, following up on 2013’s Sick Octave. They described the new record as “the most noisy and cathartic album of our career.”

Speaking about the video for ‘Barbarians’, which you can watch below, Dartnall says: “We have been talking about doing a shadow puppet video for years, probably since we first had to start thinking about videos, but we have just been waiting for the right song. Even as we were writing this song, I remember we discussed that if it ever turned out to be a single or even make it on to a record, this would be the song for the shadow puppet video. I think it is just the vaguely narrative style of the song and the fact that it sounds like it might be some kind of myth, or a story handed down through this kind of word of mouth story telling.”

watch video below