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1. Davey Kane2. Days Unknown3. Knock At My Door4. Love Affair5. Something In The Air6. North End Kid7. Moments8. Going Out9. What’s Wrong?10. What More?

When we were first plunged into social purgatory (lockdown) almost two years ago there was some chat around how much good music, from bands and artists alike, could eventually stem from that period. With everyone confined to their homes, it was something that offered a little glimmer of hope for the future to many music lovers.

Now, here we are in 2022 and that thesis has been proven to be true, as Jamie Webster returns in blistering form with the mother of all lockdown albums Moments.

Jamie’s debut record We Get By gave us all an insight into the mind and views of the talented young singer/songwriter and brought with it a whole lot of fans who feel like his words represent them and their daily struggles. In many ways, Moments is a continuation of that, but it is also so much more. It is relatable, it is powerful and it represents a significant period of time in modern history of which we are all a part. It will empower and inspire and it will speak to everyone on different levels as it ascends and descends sonically through various societal and political topics.

Backed by a full band, the record was recorded entirely live at Rockfield Studios, a creative choice that has added extra elements to the Liverpudlian’s sound and taken it to another level. The drums, the melodies, the guitars and — on some tracks — piano and strings, all bed together in unison to create a truly brilliant album.

Singles ‘Davey Kane’, ‘North End Kid’ and ‘Going Out’ show off not only Jamie’s aptitude for songwriting but also his prowess for storytelling as he addresses issues of crime, injustice, struggle and frustration.

Lead track ‘Davey Kane’ opens with a haunting spaghetti western riff which paints the picture of an outlaw. The track addresses issues with a failing and underfunded justice system which all too often does little to help petty criminals and young offenders from re-offending. With few opportunities on offer to offenders by way of work or rehabilitation on release, many return to crime and end up lost in the system and caught up in a continuous cycle.

‘North End Kid’ is more subtle in its delivery and introduces us to Tommy who is somewhat of a dreamer that has not been dealt the best hand in life. Having to cope with an abusive father and the abandonment of his mother, Tommy seeks solace by way of self-medication, and escaping through his thoughts and desires of one day becoming a Broadway star. It’s a track which will hit home with a silent group of people who may relate to similar issues and feel alone in their struggle.

‘Going Out’ picks the mood back up with its rousing melody and heart-pumping pace as it introduces us to two more characters in Paul and Annabelle, who represent every adolescent and twenty-something and their frustration of feeling that their best years and freedoms are being taken from them by lockdown restrictions.

Elsewhere on the record we have ‘Knock At My Door’, a stunning track that seems to be an ode to those early days of the initial lockdown where no one really knew if they were coming or going. The track deals with the mental battle of living in what seemed like perpetual isolation and having little to no human contact with family and friends: something that we can all relate to. The next time a family member arrives on your doorstep unannounced for a natter, the song pleads, don’t take it for granted.

‘What’s Wrong?’ is a great little number that pokes fun at the uprising of influencing/influencers in the age of Instagram and the ‘perfect’ online personalities that people paint of themselves. Jamie excels himself on all fronts throughout this track: the lyrics and delivery are completely on point.

Bowing out with ‘What More!?’, the album finisher is a strong statement both in holding the government to task for their endless failings throughout these past two years and in Jamie himself refusing to remain silent on the matter. Jamie Webster is the voice of the voiceless and Moments is a record for the ages.

Jamie Webster – North End Kid (Official Video)



Sat 05 Nov 18:30
Jamie Webster
SWX, Bristol

Tue 08 Nov 19:00
Jamie Webster
O2 City Hall, Newcastle

Wed 09 Nov 19:00
Jamie Webster
O2 Institute, Birmingham

Thu 10 Nov 19:00
Jamie Webster
O2 Shepherds Bush Empire, London

Sat 12 Nov 19:00
Jamie Webster
Albert Hall, Manchester

Sat 12 Nov 19:00
Jamie Webster
Albert Hall, Manchester

Wed 16 Nov 19:00
Jamie Webster
The Telegraph Building, Belfast, IE

Sat 19 Nov 18:30
Jamie Webster
M&S Bank Arena, Liverpool