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Orchestral Mavouevres in the Dark are number 3 in the midweeks with “one of the finest albums of the year.”

By September 5, 2017Watch

Orchestral Mavouevres in the Dark – could net their first Top 3 album since 1991 with The Punishment Of Luxury(3)

The album ( currently at number 3 in the midweeks ) has been noted as “the first album since 1981’s multi-million selling Architecture & Morality on which OMD have succeeded in perfectly balancing the creative tension between their experimental leanings and their ear for a pop tune to create a cohesive whole. ” 

The Punishment Of Luxury follows in the sonic footsteps of 2013’s English Electric, in that it’s a gentle upgrade of that sculpted-from-marble early ’80s sound. Songs with more vigorous tempos—the quasi-industrial title track, robot-Jazzercise surge “Art Eats Art,” the Kraftwerkian “Isotype”—are crisp and focused, while dreamier moments such as “One More Time” employ lullaby-like synth latticework. Throughout, the record traces and mirrors OMD’s influence across the decades, at times recalling Yaz’s percolating new wave (“What Have We Done”) and Hot Chip’s playful synth-pop (“Robot Man”). –  AV Club – Click HERE to read more.