“The Cuckoos’ New Single + Video ‘She’s Wearing Lipstick’ is Psychedelic-Disco-Goth-Pop Perfection”

“Sometimes a track is so far left of the current zeitgeist, that it’s just a thrill for that very reason. And Austin’s The Cuckoos have an utterly infectious new single, ‘She’s Wearing Lipstick (From Someone Else’s Kiss)’ – from their forthcoming EP Honeymoon Phases – that has drawn to the surface a love of disco-goth-pop that we frankly never really knew we even had.
Indeed, coming on like an outtake from Long Live The New Flesh, it’s got it all:the galloping drums, the moody keys, the wah-wah guitars, and Kenneth Frost’s anguished, drama-laced vocals. And, of course, the big, ridiculously hooky chorus”
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