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The three-part album features Robyn, Axel Boman and Kleerup.

The Swedish producer, real name Rudolf Nordström, says he got the album’s first sonic images while living in Ibiza for a month: “The powerful sunsets, the dramatic skies over the Balearic sea, the starlit nights and the beautiful sunrises. They looked like Renaissance paintings by Rubens or Michelangelo.”


Dusk To Dawn Part I
01. Intro
02. Dusk To Dawn feat. Lune (Acoustic Version)
03. Lovisa
04. Vivid Imagination
05. Hedonism M.C. Robyn
06. Tears of Illimunations (Vox)
07. Untitled

Dusk to Dawn Part II
01. Magic Trick Feat. Axel Boman
02. Dusk To Dawn feat. Lune
03. Dusk To Dawn (Original Extended)
04. Time Lapse Feat. Noomi
05. Acid Samba Feat. Noomi
06. Pleiades
07. Balearic Moonwalk feat. Kleerup
08. Reflections Of Light
09. Empyrean

Dusk to Dawn Part III
01. Pharmakon
02. Indecision
03. Thoth
04. Alderamin feat. Anne Marie Almedal
05. Memento Mori
06. Twilight
07. Dark Observer
08. Solitude
09. Tugendhat (Outro)

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