Loud And Quiet Review: Tomberlin – At Weddings

By July 12, 2018 News

Tomberlin – At Weddings (Saddle Creek)

You’ll of heard a coming of age record before, whether mourning your wrinkles to the grizzly orbit of Bob Dylan’s ‘Planet Waves’, or buying your third tub of anti-ageing cream in as many weeks as Frank Ocean’s Latest lament plays through your battered walkman… “We’ll never be those kids again.”

‘Any Other Way’ is the perfect opening to such confusion, weaving the vocal fragility of label-mates Big Thief and the worldly sincerity of someone double her age. As you hear every guitar string strung the refrain of “I didn’t know any other way” takes on a candor that guides Tomberlin through the introspective vulnerabilities that follow.

7/10 Tristan Gatward

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