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Lady Bird’s new EP ‘BRAINWASH MACHINE SETTING’ is out today (Friday, 26th June) via Purple Stains/ J├ĄgerMusik. Swinging from enthusiastic punk made to soundtrack messy, rebellious nights, to warnings about war and carbon monoxide poisoning, to a stripped-back tribute to a late friend, it covers a lot of ground across its four tracks.

‘BRAINWASH MACHINE SETTING’ (‘BRMS’) is the manifestation of an idea which existed before we had even defined ourselves as Lady Bird. The inspiration came from a picture that I took while travelling in Japan, capturing the USA flag in a washing machine on the streets of Kyoto. A very poignant and symbolic image to stumble upon considering I was on my way to Hiroshima the next morning to see the lasting damage from the two atom bombs which were detonated by America during World War II. The main body of artwork for ‘BRMS’ is a recreation of this image, but instead with the Union Jack (for a semi-obvious reason perhaps). However, if you’re able to get your hands on one of our limited edition ‘BWMS’ vinyl, you’ll be able to see the original image on the B-side of the record itself!